When all is like a molecule

I laugh deep down inside when I think about the direction that my life has taken in the last few years; sometimes it feels as if it is so strange, I am an artist studying chemistry, a free spirit who has been university bound for far too long.  I remember all too clearly the many times I laughed at the thought of ever going to school. 

Well, here I am!  Some days, today being one of them, I feel as if I am in the middle of the ocean, and cannot see the shore, either where I have come from, or where I am going.  Yesterday, I had the great opportunity of having a wise man speak in one of my classes.  He spoke about embracing the thing that you fear, and as the leper was transfigured into Jesus in the arms of St. Francis of Assisi, the very thing that we most desire and yet most fear will be found.

I remember crying tears of desperate sorrow when I realized that the only way for me to walk into the dream that was in my heart to study Nutrition and Maternal Health was to walk through years of science classes.  If I could have avoided it, I likely would have.  And yet, despite the tears I still shed on certain days, the leper of Chemistry has become a place of encounter.  The mysteries of the Living God are enshrouded in molecules, relationships between atoms, each distinct and personal, each undergoing dynamic and complex processes, each in a constant state of change and potential change.  I am learning about the ways of God as I kiss the leper of Chemistry.


What is impossible?

I believe that impossibilities exist only on a level of thinking and believing inferior to the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.  What I mean when I say this, is that although we have been trained to think in a linear fashion that rarely acknowledges that which is unseen, I believe that the source of all new life and re-creation, which is obviously what we are groping towards, exists in the person of Jesus Christ, and that in Him, there is absolutely nothing that is impossible and no problem is without provision. And it is out of this belief that I wrestle with the complex systems in question, and attempt to rethink the way that I live my life.   I live in light of the goodness of God, and, out of the desire to see this goodness extended into the problems that we face. This reality is inseparable for me in discussions regarding change.