immersed into unfamiliarity.   immersed into the unknown.

immersed into unfamiliarity.   immersed into the unknown.   

thankful to be given new lenses through which to see.  

I am discovering anew the relationship between place and person, and how entering into a new place physically can cause one to discover much about the person that they are.  I am in a district of Nairobi where everything is new to me, and even that which I anticipated being a familiar friend is a stranger. Being a person who loves to take risks and challenge myself, I am vacillating between being completely enthralled with the opportunity to learn and grow in an accelerated way, and wanting to retreat to what I know. Image


Those moments of retreat threaten to overshadow the incredible reality that I have been immersed into.  One of social innovation and design, of bringing beauty and community into an area threatened by fear.  I am working with an outstanding team of people from all corners of the world, each of whom are committed to building into the next generation, and the next, and the next.  Being surrounded with visionaries and activists and ordinary people (such as myself) is a great privilege.  Living with extra-ordinary people in a marginalized community is teaching me what it means to depend on others in order to live. My independence is being challenged, inviting me to learn to share in a whole new way.  


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