40 days of yielding…

Lately, I have been driving through the narrow Vancouver streets- whistling through the highways, ebbing and flowing through the downtown core. I have been learning that to drive well, I need to be focused and alert to the signs and interactions that punctuate the movements of the road.

Life is a road.  To live well I must be equally attentive to the signs, the interactions of day to day living. To ignore a stop sign or a yield sign while driving is a disaster waiting to happen; so too is to disregard the signs and signals of the inner life.

And so, I am going to pay attention to the rhythms of my heart and the movements of my life at this moment in time. As I face a transition I am going to slow down and yield… lean into the uncertainty… listen deeply in the quietness of waiting. Shoulder check, looking back in the treasury of my memories, and weave in and out of the traffic with delicate care, positioning myself to await the next set of directions.

Constant movement mediated by traffic laws. Stop. Go. Stop.

Day 1. Recognizing the importance of slowing down before turning a corner.


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