The dance of falling down

Day 03 of yielding. 

On Identity and Belonging 

Why is it that as human beings, we crave to belong.  We crave the knowledge of being known, loved, and accepted. 

Today in class, my classmate retrieved my name-card for me; though we’ve only had three classes, she knows my name!  The feeling that washed over me was inexorable; I felt as though I belonged.  I’ve been reflecting of late on identity and belonging, and how for me, feeling like I belong somewhere is a core need that influences how I see myself and determines the courage and strength that I have to live.  When I am in a situation where I am not confident that I fully belong, I exhibit traits that are unrecognizable to my belonging-self; I become uptight and determined to succeed, to perfect, to impress. I wear myself thin for no other reason than that I am seeking my identity in the wrong place.  When I am home in love, I am happy to make a fool of myself, am free, and don’t stress over the details that drive me crazy when I’m standing on insecure foundations.  Seeing this stark contrast is a window into my own, our own, DNA.  We were created to be at home in love in such an unshakeable way that we could love without expecting anything in return.  How powerful it is to say to someone; you are loved, you are accepted, you belong here, and to demonstrate it with consistent actions- it disarms fear and causes the best and truest self of anyone to be seen. 

Day 03 of yielding is yielding to love- to belonging- and to the knowledge that such a place exists for me, and you, that is unshakeable. It is a place not built by human hands, by culture, by race, by skin-color.  Let me discover afresh the deep, deep well of this love and find my home there.  



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