What I see defines who I am becomingpart III

Paolo Friere talks about true words; and I believe that it is a true word that is the catalyst for true ethical inquiry. The process of becoming. Accepting the reality that many things exist in a tension, and moving on towards completion, wholeness; a dynamic equilibrium between that which is, and that which is coming, both in and around us. In a world of idle chatter, false stories, and realities disconnected from their historical contexts, we are all longing for a living word. A word spoken out of a life lived, a word that embodies someone’s interior reality. A living word names, and re-names7 that which is wicked, sees beauty in despair, and in so doing, transforms the world that it sees. Friere talks about naming the world, and I too wonder how the way that I see creates and defines the world around me. If what I see is what I bring into existance, than it is imperitive that I focus on that which brings life and hope, for more than smart development strategies, what we need today is hope.