Hymn 528

Break, day of God, O break,  Sweet light of heavenly skies! I all for thee forsake, and from my dead self rise: O Lamb of God, whose love is light, shine on my soul, and all is bright.

Break, day of God, O break! The night has lingered long; Our hearts with sighing wake, we weep for sin and wrong: O bright and Morning Star, draw near;  O Sun of Righteousness, appear!

Break, day of God, O break! The earth with strife is worn; The hills with thunder shake, hearts of the people mourn;  Break, day of God, sweet day of peace, and bid the shouts of warriors cease!

Break, day of God, O break! Like to the days above!  Let purity awake. And faith, and hope, and love;  But lo!  We see the brightening sky; the golden morn is drawing nigh.  Amen.

Henry Burton, 1840-1930