What I see defines who I will be, part 1

What I see defines who I will be.

In asking about my role in a multi-dimensional world, is is easy to get lost in a sea of unfinished stories, fragmented realities, and half truths fused together to create an impossible picture. That impossibility causes me to wrestle towards finding a place of engagement with a world that is out of alignment, a world in which we harm and oppress one another and the beautiful earth that we’ve been given, taking little care for the fragility of life that surrounds. At times I wish I could withdraw from that reality, one that is hostile to hope. I think that innately, we all long for a different way. Perhaps the grief we feel towards the cracking and breaking of humanity is merely evidence that we were meant for something whole. What if we were meant to live glorious lives, in the true sense of the word, that embody justice, exude mercy, and overcome the surrounding darkness?