a pebble in your shoe.

Sometimes carrying these thoughts, ones that challenge the status quo and threaten to dismantle a world built on inequity, is like carrying around an anvil.  I can feel the weight.  I feel like a pebble in your shoe, O world of comfort. A grain of sand whose small presence irritates.  Well, someone has got to ask the question, what are we doing with our lives? 

I am a pebble in my own shoe.  I cannot escape the deafening voice of my conscience that constantly reminds me that my life is not my own, that I belong to another place. I am only temporarily a ‘global citizen’.  My true home, the place from which I come, and the place to which I will return, is a kingdom whose love knows no bounds.  My existence on this earth is but a vaporous wisp- let me never forget.  Let those cords binding me to the way of the world be cut, and let a new freedom to live out my true citizenship emerge.  I am a daughter of a kind King.