Global Citizenship?

What does it mean to be a global citizen if the globe in which we are claiming membership is also home to millions who live disenfranchized lives? What of the millions subject to abject poverty, the 800 million children dying for lack of food while I must practice self control lest I overeat?  How can I utter the words “Global Citizenship” if I am not willing to live them?  How do I live them?

I am becoming extemely uncomfortable with my comfort.  My innmost being is not able to reconcile these two extremes; on one hand, I say that I love God, and that I care for the poor, yet on the other, I struggle to see the latter half reflected in my daily lifestyle.  Something must change. 

Merriam- Webster defines citizenship as follows;  the quality of an individual’s response to membership in a community. 

Doesn’t community imply mutual responsability, care and concern for one another? How can I claim to belong to a global community in which I don’t know my neighbours’ struggles, their stories, their histories?

I have been trying to accept the way things are, and convince myself that it is alright, but I cannot utter those words, ‘global citizenship’, in one breath, and turn around and lead a life removed from the needs of the poor and destitute of this earth in the other.  But what are those needs?  How do I set about becoming a solution?  It is God who raises the poor out of the dust and sets them among kings and princes, it is God who hears their cry.  If I am in Him, and He is in me, must I not also heed that cry, and respond?

God help me.