Once upon a continent….There was an African Dream

I am so privileged to be in the company of some incredible people in my life, and to watch as history is made and unmade before my eyes.  

Stories.  Stories have the power to create and to destroy, to bring someone into another time and place.  We are each woven together as part of a Story; it is encoded in our DNA, it speaks to us in the beauty of creation, and it beckons us to enter into it in everything that we do.  

One example of history being made|unmade is Africa Awareness Initiative Conference Week coming up this week at various venues around UBC.  It aspires to:

  1. To give prominence to the various ways in which Africa’s story can be told, while emphasizing and celebrating performance, research, film, art and music.

  2. To deconstruct the existing narratives surrounding the African continent, particularly the dominant discourse concerning African people, culture and politics.

  3.  To connect the UBC community with the Africa Awareness Initiative, as well as the initiative’s continuing efforts to advocate for the African Studies Major Program.

  4. To cultivate interest in the African continent among members of the UBC community, and as a result highlight the continued need for a more extensive UBC African Studies Program (

As someone who has had the joy to spend time in different parts of the continent of Africa, I can almost taste the beautiful thing that is to come this week!